kbb Birmingham 2022 Show Directory

6-9 March 2022 NEC Birmingham

@kbb_birmingham #kbbBirmingham2022

What 3 key pieces of advice would you give to exhibitors trying to be more sustainable at kbb Birmingham? LG: 1. Don’t let your stand be a one-off event - Plan your stand to be reusable, design it so it can be refreshed for a second or third event. This not only reduces waste at breakdown but is hugely cost effective too. BIRMINGHAM

the environmental impact of producing and disposing of them. Make sure the way you deal with the breakdown of the show creates minimal waste. What are your plans for the future? Will The Used Kitchen Company be expanding or extending its reach in any way? LG: We are constantly focused on influencing opinion, forging new partnerships and driving new initiatives that can enable the business to achieve the next milestone in recycling. 2022 is definitely our year of expansion.

2. Come and Talk to Us - We are super excited to be partnering with exhibitors to not only sell their exhibition kitchens but create a long-term partnership with us to encourage their retailers to become more sustainably conscious by selling their displays, their client’s kitchens and becoming part of our kitchen passport. 3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Together we need to be reducing the waste we create. Consider every aspect of your stand – materials used, energy consumed and the waste generated. Cut out promotional material and you cut out

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